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Nosztalgia Vendégház

Our Guests are welcome with quiet village surroundings, away from the noise of the world, in one of the prettiest villages in Transylvania, with renovated old-fashioned, small windowed houses.

In Nosztalgia Guest House we can accommodate eight guests in three separate rooms: 2 triple rooms and 1 double room. Each room is equipped with own separate bathroom.

A street above, in Zabos Guest House, we have 2 further double rooms with a small kitchen and a shared bathroom. It is an ideal place for a family of four, or for friends.

We offer half-board for the guests of both guest houses, which is served at the 24-persons capacity dining room of Nosztalgia Guest House. Our guests can enjoy the clean, mountain air and silence, our floral garden and our traditional Transylvanian foods and drinks. We can accommodate smaller and larger groups also. If a group is larger than the capacity of our guest houses, we can also receive them with the help of the neighbouring guest houses.