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You can find the exact location of Nosztalgia Guest House in the map below:

The easiest way, Torockó (Rimetea) can be reached from north, from the Valley of Aranyos (Valea Arieşului). From Hungary the fastest way is if you drive on the road E60 (1), then turn on the motorway A3 after Gyalu (Gilău). Exit the highway at Torda (Turda), then follow the road 75 in the direction of Topánfalva (Câmpeni). You drive in the Valley of Aranyos (Arieş), and then you have to turn left immediately before Borrév (Buru) to road 107M, and cross over the river. From this point you drive in the valley of Torockó, and you reach the village Torockó (Rimetea) within a few kilometers. In the village, turn right at the front of a larger square on the right side, and at the second junction, you find yourself facing Nosztalgia Guest House.

You can also drive to the valley from south, from Nagyenyed (Aiud), and reach the village by passing through several villages. The last village will be Torockószentgyörgy (Colţeşti) before Torockó (Rimetea).

Important notice:

Most of the road signs contain the names of the communities only in Romanian language, so in most cases you must search for the names in parentheses (with italic) in the description above when looking for road signs!

Data for guests with GPS device:

Exact address:

Rimetea / Torockó 273., jud. Alba / Alba County, Romania

GPS coordinates:

Latitude (N) 46° 27,275´
Longitude (E) 23° 33,950´

Important information:

Most of the maps of GPS devices show Nosztalgia Guest House as Béla guest house (previous name).