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Torockószentgyörgy (Colţeşti)

The settlement is 4 km away from Torockó (Rimetea), 575 m above sea level. It contains the ruins of the castle of the ancient famous family Thoroczkay. The castle was built by Illés Thorockay II, Transylvanian vice voivod in the 12th century, after the Castle Hill residents escaped from the Tartars thanks to a herioc team. The castle has an impressive location in a hilltop above the village, which itself is at the bottom of Ordaskő (1250 m). In 1704, the castle was destroyed by an Austrian general, but some of the walls and towers are still standing.

The history of the village is closely intertwined with the Thoroczkay family, which is still remembered with love by inhabitants of the village. The churches of the village were built by the Thoroczkays. All three arms (Baron, Count and noble) of the well-known family had a mansion. From these, the noble-Thoroczkay (later Rudnyánszky) mansion house is still standing, which can be found in the center of the village. A few trees and an obelisk structure refers to the previously beautiful garden surrounding the mansion.

On the wall of the Unitarian parsonage building, a marble plaque commemorates that Sámuel Brassai, the "last Transylvanian polymath" was born in this house.


Major sights in the village

  • Thoroczkay Castle, which was built in the period of Béla IV (between 1253 and 1275), first ruined in the beginning of the 14th century. It was restored by the family Thoroczkay in the second half of the 15th century. The castle was occupied by peasants during the peasant uprising of Dózsa (1514). Thoroczkay family also took part in the Rákóczi independence war. During this, in 1704, the castle was under fire by the cannons of General Tiege's imperial army, it was captured and then blown up, and as a retaliation case, the village was burned down also.
  • Unitarian church
  • Calvinist church
  • Catholic church
  • Sculpture garden of Janó Balázs: The garden of sculptures the village habitant sculptor, and the rock gardens of his ceramic artist wife (house no. 38, phone: +40 258 768 180)
  • Country House, folk art museum, which can be visited from Friday to Sunday between 12 to 20 (no. 192). Tel: +40 728 017 387 (Ilona Barta)
  • Traditional clothing
  • Székelykő




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