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Valley of Aranyos (Valea Arieşului)

Going to Torockó (Rimetea) from Torda (Turda), our way brings in the Valley of Aranyos (Valea Arieş) to Borrév (Buru). But the River Aranyos (Raul Arieş) comes here from far away, from the Bihar Mountains (Munţii Bihorului), breaking through the mountains of the Transylvanian Basin, and then flows into the Maros (Mureş). Going further along the river valley we can meet a number of natural beauty, so if time permits, make there a worthwhile trip.

The most important sights of the valley are the hidden stream of Szolcsva (Huda lui Papară) (can be visited with the right equipment only), and the cliffs and mountains of Bedellő (Izvoarele). The region is characterized by flowery meadows, waterfalls, caves and extraordinary folk art values.


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