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Torda (Turda)

Cca. 30 km away from Torockó (Rimetea) we can find the town of Torda (Turda), which has a rich history. Several (Hungarian) national assembly were held in this town, the most significant of them was held in 1568, which - for the first time in Europe - codified the religious freedom of the four Christian Churches: Catholic, Calvinist, Lutheran and Unitarian church (Edict of Torda).


The past of Torda

You can find detailed information about the history of town and the Edict of Torda at Wikipedia.


Major sights

  • Catholic church where the parliament in 1568 was held
  • Calvinist church of Ótorda (Old Torda)
  • Sovereigns' house, in which the sovereigns (who came to the parliament) lodged
  • Petőfi House (Calvinist parish of Ótorda), where Petőfi left his wife and his son when he went with Gábor Egressy to search Bem's army in 1849, from where he never came back
  • Calvinist church of Újtorda (New Torda)
  • Unitarian church (just across the river Aranyos (Arieş))
  • Salty bath
  • Salt mine
  • Roman age ruins


More information

You can find more detailed information about the town in Hungarian language at www.torda.ro and at Wikipedia.