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Turda Gorges

Turda Gorges (Hungarian: Tordai-hasadék, Romanian: Cheile Turzii) are one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Transylvania, and are easily accessible from Torockó (Rimetea).

According to the legend which tells us the formation of the cleft, Hungarian king saint László and his army were pursued by a numerous Cumanian fighter when the celestials hurried to our king's assistance. The huge boulder split in two before the Hungarians, so the king and his soldiers got across safely, but all of their pursuers fell into the ravine. According to the legend, even today, the horseshoe trace of the king's horse is visible on the top of the mountain.

From the direction of Torda (Turda) or Torockó (Rimetea) the cleft can be reached from the direction of Mészkő (Cheia). (On the road signs, we have to searching for Cheile Turzii.) It is necessary to pay an entering price at the entrance of the cleft, then we can go along the gorge by foot. The tour cannot be said to be especially heavy, we can walk along one or the other coast of a tight deep running stream in the canyon, crossing more suspension bridges to reach the other end of the canyon after walking 1 km. On both sides of the cleft, there are 250 m tall rocks, which hide 32 caves. The vertical rocks are suitable for rock-climbing, and - as a result of the beauty of the landscape - the popularity of paragliding is also increasing.

The canyon has a rich flora and fauna: here we can find plants from the lower-Alpine, the Black Sea, the Pannonian steppe, and even we can find some ice-age species, beside rare insects and birds.